Professional and Universal Cameras VarioCAM® High Definition

Thermography in HD Quality Opens up New Dimensions

More than 20 models of the VarioCAM® High Definition product series include premium infrared cameras as well as entry models to high-level thermography. VarioCAM® High Definition and VarioCAM® HDx offer the equipment versions “research” and “inspect”, which are designed for handheld operation. The „head“ models allow fixed mount installation e.g. in harsh industrial environments.

  • InfraTec-icon-detektor-1024x768
    Detector Format

    Geometrical resolution of detector formats with up to (1,024 × 768) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-3-1-Megapixel

    Integrated into camera, genuine temperature measured values with up to (2,048 × 1,536) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-therm-groesser-gleich-20mk
    Thermal Resolution

    Precise detection of smallest temperature differences

  • InfraTec-icon-gige-240-hz
    Frame Rate

    Analysis of high-speed dynamic temperature changes and processes

  • InfraTec-icon-tft-5-6
    High-resolution Display and Viewfinder

    Convenient camera operation and on-site evaluation even in difficult environmental conditions

  • InfraTec-icon-ip67
    Rugged Light Metal Housing

    Easy and inexpensive installation in harsh process environments

  • InfraTec-icon-optiken-wechsel
    Complete Optical Assortment

    Wide range of lenses – telephoto-, zoom- and microscope lenses

Models of the Camera Series VarioCAM® High Definition

VarioCAM® High Definition und VarioCAM® HDx

VarioCAM® High Definition & VarioCAM® HDx

Unique performance features, robustness as well as excellent handling and intuitive operation characterise the mobile cameras of the VarioCAM® High Definition . Qualities such as these make the top-of-the range models in the segment of high-resolution microbolometer cameras indispensable tools for professional users. The application specific equipment lines "research" as well as "inspect" guarantee the optimum usability in a very broad range of applications from industry and science.

VarioCAM® HD head und VarioCAM® HDx head

VarioCAM® HD head & VarioCAM® HDx head

The different variants of the VarioCAM® HD head are suitable as high-performance cameras and as robust cameras for virtually any stationary measuring task. Through their modular design and the compact light metal housing they are particularly predestined for stationary use in harsh process environments as well as for computer-assisted laboratory tasks.

Innovations for Precise Performance

InfraTec Glossary MicroScan - Thermal image hand with magnifier

3,1 Megapixel thanks to MicroScan

The MicroScan technology works opto-mechanical and is designed for permanent operation. Due to FPA detectors of the latest generation with (1,024 × 768) IR pixels, this technology allows for a quadruplication of IR measurement pixels. They show real temperature values but not interpolated pixels. This opens up several new fields of application. Old measurement tasks become more efficient and therefore, valuable working time and costs are saved. Large-scale or far-flung measurement objects can now be recorded in one, fast, precise and complete recording due to the unique MicroScan technology.

VarioCAM® High Definition - EverSharp feature

EverSharp Function

The innovative EverSharp function allows all objects in the image scene to be brought sharply into focus, regardless of how far these are from the camera and which lens is used. Special algorithms ensure an automatic combination of several images with different focusing (multifocus images). In the resulting thermal image, a result from up to ten individual exposures, all object structures are thus sharply displayed so that the entire scene can be displayed and measured with the highest possible accuracy. The quality of the images depends entirely on the depth of focus of the lens used or the distance of the measuring objects from the camera. This means that the operation of the thermal imaging camera is even more convenient for the user.

VarioCAM® High Definition - Measurement spot detecction

Automatic Measurement Spot Detection

This modern function redefines professional capturing of thermographic images. Using the integrated laser range finder, the measurable minimum object size that is still error-free is determined for the current combination of detector format and lens and displayed in the daylight compatible, large colour TFT display of the camera. The user can vary the distance to the measuring object with this so that measurement errors due to geometry can safely be avoided. This additional information can be saved in the thermal image as well as retrieved if necessary and integrated into a report.

Permanent Autofocus

Constantly changing object scenes require manual or automatic refocusing. The integrated permanent autofocus function makes this task easier. In the case of a change of scene, the camera automatically applies the optimum focus setting quickly and precisely. The completely innovative, very powerful autofocus system is laser-based and works extremely reliably. Even under unfavourable environmental conditions, such as poor lighting conditions, darkness or low thermal contrasts on the measuring object, this function provides exactly focused thermal images.

Real-time Storage on SDHC Card

Recording dynamic scenes event-driven or timecontrolled at full speed and all temperature data – this is possible at any time with the camera's internal real-time storage on SDHC card. In this process, radiometric data is stored in IRB format (infrared image format), which can be processed and analysed efficiently with the IRBIS® 3 evaluation software afterwards. Consecutive numbering of the single frames within the sequence and storage of timestamps in the header ensure an exact time-based assignment of the thermal image data. The data can also be recorded as PNG or AVI files.

High-speed Image Storage

Operation of the VarioCAM® HD in so-called subframe mode (subwindowing) is provided for higher refresh rates. This mode enables the time or actioncontrolled recording of complex thermographic ces with refresh rates of up to 240 Hz. For this purpose, one defined section of the detector is read out at a time and transferred by means of GigE-Vision.

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There is a VarioCAM® High Definition matching perfectly your specific requirements. To find out which one it is, just check out all the models in detail.

Industries and Applications for Camera Series VarioCAM® High Definition

Water drop on a soldring iron - High-Speed-Thermography
Research and Development

Research and Development

Whoever develops new products pays attention to every detail from the start. During the recording of even the smallest structures, you effectively avoid measurement errors due to geometry. The acquired data with a measurement accuracy of one percent meet the highest demands. You safely transfer the thermal images in your measuring environment via the GigE interface in the image format of up to (2,048 × 1,536) IR pixels at a frequency of up to 240 Hz. In addition, you adapt the VarioCAM® HD perfectly to your measuring task. The wide range of lenses ensures a high degree of flexibility when you are handling different sized measuring objects and variable operating distances.

VarioCAM® High Definition - Micro Thermography


Complex electronic components are becoming increasingly powerful and smaller. For this reason, precision plays a crucial role during their development. The VarioCAM® HD allows you to analyse extremely small structures of up to 17 μm, which appear consistently sharp thanks to the EverSharp function, and to determine their temperatures exactly. The detector resolution of (1,024 × 768) IR pixels opens up adequate room for you to record your component reliably with sufficient, geometrical resolution. Thus, you obtain results with a high level of measurement accuracy.

Process optimisation of a steel slab
Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

The continuous measurement in production processes places the highest demands on your devices. The compact light metal housing with IP67 of the VarioCAM® HD protects your camera even in harsh industrial environments. High-quality, protection class preserving LEMO® connectors ensure the transfer of the camera data. The GigE interface ensures fast and secure transfer up to 240 Hz in your system environment. The direct connection of the process interfaces to the special software IRBIS® 3 process allows your data to be integrated into the process environment.

Active thermography for aircraft engineering - Picture Credits: © Jaros /
Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive Testing

The combination of repeatable triggering and high thermal resolution predestines the VarioCAM® HD particularly for nondestructive testing. Firstly, you create thermal images via external signals, transmit temperature-dependent signals simultaneously and thus synchronously control your test process. Secondly, the thermal resolution of up to 0.02 K ensures noiseless reproduction of the smallest temperature differences. The IRBIS® 3 active thermography software, which is adapted perfectly to the thermal image camera, supports the evaluation and display of the corresponding results with its complex evaluation algorithms.

Aerial thermography with infrared camera
Airborne Thermography

Airborne Thermography

Do you want to inspect overhead electrical power lines, pipelines or industrial plants from the air? Or check large areas for energetic and material environmental pollution? Then the high-resolution VarioCAM® HD head is your choice. Integrated in gyro-stabilised platforms, so-called gimbals, the camera reliably records large-scale areas. You can determine and synchronously save the GPS coordinates from the camera location for each thermal image. In this way, you efficiently plan and effectively check from the air. The large range of interchangeable lenses also helps you to solve your measuring task.

VarioCAM® High Definition - Inspection
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

With the VarioCAM® HD you can carry out inspections quickly and easily. In the large 5.6" colour TFT display, your recordings are reproduced natively in the resolution of the detector. This means that you can analyse thermal images easily on the spot – even in daylight. With the integrated visual 8-megapixel camera you receive valuable additional information for orientation in the measuring environment and create videos. Thanks to the GPS function, you can later uniquely assign your recordings locally and purposefully request necessary repairs, for example. The recording of situational comments supports you during the effective creation of the inspection reports.

  • thermal imaging in electronics
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Measure temperature distributions of smallest electronic components with infrared cameras.

  • thermal imaging for automotive applications
    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Infrared camera systems help you to secure a high product quality in production and at your suppliers.

  • thermal imaging in aviation
    Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    Comply with highest security demands by applying state-of-the-art infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for security tasks
    Security Applications

    Security Applications

    Observation tasks for applications like investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges for the related authorities. Powerful infrared cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays.

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Fast and Detailed Analysis Using the Integrated IRBIS® 3 Software Package

The efficiency of an infrared camera significantly depends on its data analysis software. As a standard, the thermography software package IRBIS® 3 is included in each camera delivery. This software gives a fast, precise and detailed evaluation of obtained thermograms and sequences. With this, and the copy & paste function in all WINDOWS programmes a good basis is provided for comprehensive development work.

Analysis Software of Software Family IRBIS® 3


The versatile range of precision interchangeable lenses of the VarioCAM® High Definition model series ensures maximum flexibility during their use. Possible measurement and inspection tasks include microthermography as well as telephoto applications for measuring objects at great distances. In this wide application spectrum, the lens design of the VarioCAM® HD camera series has proved to be an uncompromising, athermalised full lenses with the aperture f/1.0, highest transmission and quality as well as low distortion.

Thus, the camera ensures simple handling, very fast operational readiness and extremely accurate measurement results as well as consistent image sharpness even in the event of widely varying environmental temperatures. A special, highly resistant DLC coating protects the optically active surfaces of the lenses even under harsh conditions. Extensive measuring objects such as photovoltaic systems can also be thermographically measured reliably and efficiently, such as objects requiring safety distances, as in the case of highvoltage installations. When changing a lens, this is detected automatically by the camera and the stored calibration data is loaded.

Thermographic Automation Solutions with VarioCAM® High Definition

The VarioCAM® High Definition camera series is also part of many of our thermographic automation solutions.

  • Automation InfraTec INDU-SCAN - In-process industrial temperature measurement
    Process Control - INDU-SCAN

    Process Control - INDU-SCAN

    Contactless measurement of temperature distributions and profiles with industrial thermographic cameras permits efficient monitoring and control of temperature-dependent processes and procedures within a system-integrated quality assurance programme in industry.

  • Quality control for more precision in press hardening PRESS-CHECK
    Quality Control or Press Hardening - PRESS-CHECK

    Quality Control or Press Hardening - PRESS-CHECK

    Check the microstructures of sheet metal parts during the stamping process and establish a uniform high strength and quality of all produced stampings safely and with a contact-free method.

  • Solar Power Tower Check - Picture credits: © / paulrommer
    Solar Power Tower Check - SPTC

    Solar Power Tower Check - SPTC

    Solar tower power plants belong to the category of solar-thermal power plants whose basic principle relies on the absorption of direct radiation from the sun and its conversion into thermal energy.

  • PV-LIT test solution for solar cells
    Photovoltaic Test System - PV-LIT

    Photovoltaic Test System - PV-LIT

    Get advantages in costing and quality by non-contact thermographic testing of your solar cells and PV-modules.

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