Extension of the Image Scene Focus Range to a Maximum with EverSharp

The innovative EverSharp function allows all objects in the image scene to be depicted sharply. Users benefit from the function particularly when the depth of field of the lens is rather small and the different measurement objects of the scene are at varying distances from the lens, e.g. when using microscope lenses. Multiple thermal images are created with different focus positions (multifocus images) and combined automatically by means of special algorithms. In the corresponding thermal image, a result consisting of multiple individual acquisitions, all object structures can thus be sharply displayed with the highest possible accuracy. Hence, the entire scene is depicted with greater accuracy and can be measured precisely. This expands the range of applications of the thermographic camera and makes its operation even more convenient. Users recognise each detail of the scene on an entire image. The time-consuming generation of sequential images on which certain details must be subsequently refocused is no longer necessary.

EverSharp feature from InfraTec - VarioCAM High Definition

These are the Benefits for Users Utilizing EverSharp

Which benefits this function can provide in practice become apparent through a variety of measurement tasks, such as in micro-thermographic analyses in the field of electronics. Typical measurement objects there are complex electronic components, which are becoming increasingly smaller and more powerful. For this reason, precision plays a crucial role during their development. The VarioCAM® High Definition camera series from InfraTec allows you to analyse extremely small structures up to 17 µm, which are depicted consistently sharp due to the EverSharp function and can be determined exactly by their temperatures. Thus, users achieve results with a high level of measurement accuracy.

Without EverSharp Function

Sections in the thermal image sharply focused

With EverSharp Function

Highest sharpness of detail of all object structures

Thermal image taken without EverSharp function
Thermal image taken with EverSharp function

Benefits of EverSharp at a Glance

  • Faster analysis of an image scene due to sharply represented details
  • Compensation of varying object distances
  • Maximum optical resolution even when using lenses with a short depth of field
  • Avoidance of measurement errors due to unwanted visual effects (e.g. out of focus blurring)

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