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Dear readers of Sensor News,

Perhaps you have already heard the name InfraTec and possibly already know that we manufacture pyroelectric detectors. This newsletter will help you get better insight into our thinking and actions. What applications do we offer solutions for? What distinguishes our products from others on the market? Why are we the right partner for you?

Three of our corporate pillars provide the answer to the last question. The first lies in our progressive thinking. Each of the five employees of the infrared sensor division deals with R&D topics. Dresden, the city where our headquarters is located, is regarded as one of the most significant university locations for science in Germany. We utilise this asset actively and collaborate with universities, Fraunhofer institutes and other scientific partners.

The second column of our pursuit for innovative solutions is the high-quality production in a cleanroom measuring more than 1,000 m2. Our employees responsible for this have many years of experience with the properties, application and processing of pyroelectric materials, in the electro-optic and -mechanical design of pyroelectric detectors, sensor-based signal processing and measuring technology. We know precisely what the preferred applications of our detectors are. This puts us in a position to offer you optimum solutions for your applications.

Research & Development team
Detector production, in series and manual dexterity

In addition, we attach great importance to the continuous expansion of know-how. With Dr. Matthias Heinze and Dr. Matthias Krauß both company founders continue to manage InfraTec. Just as faithfully, we have been pursuing the formula for success since the early days and have been developing high-quality, innovative pyroelectric detectors. Only the size of the range has increased in the last few years. But that is certainly to your benefit. To ensure that you can rely on our products in terms of quality, we also develop and produce our own instruments for measuring technology.

Furthermore, there is still much more to say about InfraTec. You will already learn a lot in this issue of Sensor News. Another issue will follow in the foreseeable future. So just keep us in mind.

Read in this Issue

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Detector News

Cutting Edge Technology in Most Confined Spaces

Since its foundation InfraTec focuses on most advanced sensor technology meeting the needs of industry and science. Latest result of this effort is a series of miniaturised multi-channel detectors – the LRM series. All of their models combine a minimum size with a powerful performance. The most obvious of their features is a robust central window in the cap made of silicon for example, which can even be soldered for complete hermetic sealing.

Further feature highlights are:

  • Channel filters inside the detector shielded from mechanical stress or from other stresses of harsh environments
  • Detectors in voltage or current mode
  • Complete assortment of dual- and quad channel detectors
  • Significantly wider field of view (FOV)
  • Modular stack design
  • Available with and without thermal compensation
  • Attractive pricing due to cost-optimised production
InfraTec detector group

Plans for 2019

New Manufacturing Capabilities

For some months now, InfraTec has been building on a large scale on its company premises. By the beginning of 2020, a completely new building will be constructed, which will increase capacities for the production of pyroelectric detectors in particular. At present, around 1,000 m2 of clean room space is available for production. After completion of the construction work, the area used for this purpose will be exceeded many times over. The background of the construction project is the constantly increasing number of orders. This growth is attributable to increased demand from both long-standing regular customers and new customers from all over the world. The three-level building will provide space for new machines in the future and thus help to increase the proportion of automated production stages. This enables the company to produce larger quantities within a shorter time.

Visit us

You want the perfect opportunity to contact us directly to learn more about our products? Than meet us at numerous national and international trade fairs, conferences and meetings.

  • SPIE Photonics West
    San Francisco, California, USA
    2 – 7 February 2019
  • Photonics World of Lasers and Optics
    Moscow, Russia
    4 – 7 March 2019
    Nuremberg, Germany
    25 – 27 June 2019
    Shanghai, China
    2 – 4 September 2019

Workshop for Junior Engineers

Infrared sensors are an extremely interesting and at the same time very complex subject area. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of supporting engineers who are just entering the industry with our specialist knowledge.

In a workshop in the second half of 2019, we would like to give them all they need to know about the use of pyroelectric detectors. The focus of this premiere is clearly on practice. In selected lectures we give a lot of tips on how detectors work and how to use them in everyday life. At this point, it is particularly important to us to encourage professional exchange between the participants. In addition, our application engineers will be available to answer questions on that day. More details will follow shortly.

InfraTec Worldwide

Headquarters in Dresden, Germany

Where It All Began

With the foundation of the company InfraTec has found its home at the headquarters in Dresden. This is where the heart of the company beats the most. Here the majority of our 200 or so employees work, most of our ideas are born and all the threads run together with regard to the coordination of our international activities.

Entrance of the Gopher Center in Shanghai

Right Next to You

For more than six years InfraTec has been operating directly from Shanghai. With the support of the German Chamber of Commerce, we are very close to one of the markets with the strongest growth worldwide. Our local Chinese employees are experts in the field of infrared sensor technology as well as in the regional high-tech industry.

Sales office InfraTec in the USA

Strategically Valuable

America in general and the USA in particular are among the major trendsetters of infrared sensor technology. Therefore, InfraTec has been present with its own subsidiary for more than ten years. This allows us to attend important trade shows and conferences right away and to offer the best customer service within shortest terms.