Heat as One Important Energy Factor Can Be Controlled

Thermal optimization in the production of chipboards

All manufacturing of goods needs energy input. Energy will also be released or used when using products. As most of this energy comes in the form of heat it is most important for the optimisation of manufacturing processes as well as for the product development itself that the effect of heat can be analysed the best way.

Thermal optimisation on an engine test bench

Infrared camera systems can do this in a very good way as firstly they do not need any contact for the measurement and secondly they provide an image of the heat distribution. This helps to visualize and understand the situation. Also the thermographic software family IRBIS® 3 supports this. A variety of analysis methods precisely present temperature changes over time and in space.

Case Studies

Precise MN·m Torque Measurement in Wind Turbine Test Benches

The generation of electricity power produced by wind turbines is expanding worldwide. This development is associated directly with an increasing demand to test the product reliability, functionality and life durability of wind turbine subsystems like the drive train.

Thermal image of fuse block

Thermography in electronics development

Being one of the largest automobile component supplier throughout the world Delphi attaches fundamental importance to the quality of its products. In Wiehl where Delphi's laboratory plant "Test & Validation Services" is located, thermography is used for design and product validation as part of quality assurance. Therewith, a stable hardware basis is set for integrating new technologies in motor vehicles that again present a substantial contribution to traffic safety. In order to fulfil the high demands in terms of hardware, e.g. fuses, connectors and printed circuit boards, Delphi counts on efficient and exact thermographic test routines.

Thermographic testing of turbine blades

Thermography in the quality assurance

Today thermal power stations by the SIEMENS AG are more than ever complex high-tech products. They provide a continuous and reliable electrical power supply for industry and population worldwide. They do this using fossil fuels very efficient and therefore exceptionally friendly for our environment. To achieve this highest quality of every single component is absolutely imperative. Thus heavily stressed parts like the turbine blades are tested with the latest measurement techniques for example with infrared thermography.

Optimisation of Components or Processes by Heat Input or Drainage

Thermal optimisation of a conductor board

If thermal imaging indicates hot spots at a PCB there are temperatures with a specially high temperature and this could indicate problems. If this is a normal temperature the heat drainage might still be improvable. Like this overheating of components or bordering components could be prevented. To detect the hot-spots a sufficient geometrical resolution is crucial. Only details which are well resolved by a sufficient number of pixels can be measured correctly. Therefore high-resolution infared camera systems by InfraTec are first choice for usage in product development. 

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Heating of a heating coil


Infrared Cameras for Thermal Optimisation of Components and Assemblies