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InfraTec Partner Centre

Being already an accepted InfraTec partner and being also already registered you can access the partner portal here (you will need to log-in with your credentials):

You Like to Benefit and Join the InfraTec Network?

You are welcome to get in touch with us. Apply to embark on our partner program. To make this a fruitful co-operation likewise for you and us our onboarding process will carefully discuss the match of InfraTec´s approach with your existing product range and customer base as well as your marketing and business strategy.

Benefits Teaming up with InfraTec

Working with InfraTec to sell our products brings you numerous benefits. Which ones? This overview will tell you.

  1. Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in infrared technology and providing thermographic cameras and solutions.
  2. Benefit from our range of innovative and high-quality thermographic cameras and solutions to provide an enhanced customer experience to your clients. Thermographic cameras, software and solutions being designed and made in Germany will be a basis for satisfied customers.
  3. Benefit from attractive pricing for our partners and set up an interesting business area for your company.
  4. Benefit from co-operating with privately owned company focusing on long-term customer satisfaction rather than on maximising short-term profit.
  5. Benefit from our intensive hands-on trainings to understand the best way of implementing infrared thermography into the applications of your customers.
  6. Benefit from discussing with other InfraTec partners sharing best practices and working together to cater international customers´ needs.
  7. Benefit from the access to InfraTec´s partner portal. This will open the door to in-depth information about infrared technology, about InfraTec´s stand alone products and the variety of turn-key solutions. Also sales, delivery and services processes will be facilitated by providing the necessary material or information to help our partners providing highest customers satisfaction.
  8. Benefit from a priority service helping to maintain your customers´ satisfaction in all situations.
  9. Benefit from demonstration cameras to allow convincing your customers the best way.
  10. Benefit from a close communication about all your business cases and activities with your personal contact as we at InfraTec focus on a trustful and long-term co-operation with our partners.

Statements of our Partners

Elite Technologies

This is to congratulate InfraTec on their special day celebrating their 30 years' anniversary. It has been a great pleasure working with all InfraTec team for the past couple of years, and we aim to sustain this fruitful relationship forward. InfraTec and its team members has been nothing but supportive, trustworthy, and tremendous business partner keeping the high stand of InfraTec at its utmost level. Nevertheless, we would like to endorse the products quality and level of support we received so fahr which can be summarized in one word "outstanding"!

Anwar Sacca, Managing Director, Elite Technologies

Faleco AB

During our cooperation we have learned that InfraTec not only stands for high technical knowledge and excellent products and support but also wants to help you as a distributor and partner to grow. I look positively to the future and feel proud to be a partner of InfraTec.

Conny Falk, CEO, Faleco AB

Cheos Oy

With the history of being a company providing high end imaging solutions for research and industry, we are proud to have the high quality InfraTec thermography cameras in our product portfolio. Extending the wavelength range of our current product offering has enabled us to offer solutions in new fields of applications.

Kim Törnqvist, CEO, Cheos Oy

Japan Laser Corporation

Many congratulations on your 30 year anniversary of foundation! As a sales distributor in Japan, I have enjoyed our great relationship over the past 5 years and I am convinced that InfraTec is the best company to provide thermal measurement solutions worldwide. I am looking forward to further collaborating to introduce InfraTec's cutting-edge, reliable products with excellent customer services to our customers in Japan. I wish the very best to InfraTec and we are looking forward in further enhancing our great relationship.

Masataka Ozawa, Chief Sales, Japan Laser Corporation

IR System Co., Ltd.

Congratulations on the 30th anniversary! It has always been a great honor to work as a distributor of InfraTec. Thanks to your high-quality products and reliable support, we can be fully confident whenever we introduce your products. We are happy and grateful that we can work in this way. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.

Yoko Inokuchi, President, IR System Co., Ltd.

Existing Partner Base

In addition to its headquarters in Dresden and subsidiaries in the US, China and Great Britain InfraTec features a global network of distributors.

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Europe & Rest of World

InfraTec GmbH
Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Gostritzer Str. 61 – 63
01217 DresdenGERMANY