SDK Integration for Online and Offline Applications

Software Development Kit (SDK) – General Information


The SDK (Software Development Kit) allows a customised implementation of InfraTec supported cameras and thermographic data in IRB file format. This feature offers the following advantages:

  • Creation of customer-specific user interfaces (GUI)
  • Integration into automated processes
  • Automated evaluation of recorded files

The usage of the SDK does not depend on the programming language and development environment (for example Pascal, C++/C#, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, ...).

There are two SDKs available:

  • IRBGRAB-SDK for online applications
  • IRBACS-SDK for offlne applications
InfraTec thermographic software – SDK for customised implementation

IRBGRAB-SDK for Online Applications

  • Real-time data transmission of IR data from the camera to application
  • Retrieving IR data in different formats possible (digital values, temperature values, bitmap, 8-bit)
  • User-friendly camera configuration via the Set/Get parameter interface or a remote control window
  • Real-time data storage in the IRB file format
  • Simultaneous communication of up to 16 cameras with one SDK

  • Support of all cameras distributed by InfraTec
    • Suitable camera add-on installation package required
    • Parameterization of the cameras is performed exclusively via SDK and therefore identical for all camera types

  • Support of Windows (7/8/10) 32-bit/64-bit and Linux 64-bit
  • Licensing per camera, activation via serial number
InfraTec thermographic software – IRBGRAB SDK for online applications

IRBACS-SDK for Offline Applications

  • Reading and evaluation of stored IRB files and meta data
  • Conversion of digital data into corrected temperature data
  • Storage of individual frames (extraction)
  • Export of visual image data to bitmap
  • Playback of audio commentary
  • Support of Windows (7/8/10) 32-bit/64-bit and Linux 64-bit
  • Single licence
InfraTec thermographic software – IRBACS SDK for offline applications
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