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System environment - Early fire detection
Refuse Bunker Surveillance – WASTE-SCAN

Refuse Bunker Surveillance – WASTE-SCAN

Secure your refuse bunker facilities effectively by integrating infrared thermography in the automatic early fire detection system.

Fire Prevention with FIRE-SCAN - Picture Credits: © iStock.com / Cylonphoto
Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

Fire Prevention - FIRE-SCAN

Localise critical temperature conditions of open spaces and warehouses at an early stage and protect these from fires.

Screenshot IROD
Site Protection – IROD

Site Protection – IROD

Test the thermal state and lateral adjustment of metal sheets contactless during the press hardening process and ensure the required distribution of strength and high quality of all produced pressed parts.

Observation and Investigation: Benefits of Using Thermography

  • Permanent surveillance and process control of sites, plants and storage facilities
  • Savings in maintenance thanks to low-maintenance operation of infrared measurement and monitoring systems
  • Reduction of surveillance staff and manual controls
  • Continuous operation due to special industrially-suited instrumentation
  • Use even in adverse industrial environments
  • Provision of alarm and process data to higher-level control systems
  • Increase in production and plant safety
  • Prevention of fires, disruptions and stoppages
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