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The application of microbolometer FPA detectors of the newest generation makes high-resolution data acquisition and image reproduction with up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels possible. The image reproduction is done in real time on a digital 5.6''-TFT-display. Despite its outstanding performance characteristics, the camera distinguishes itself with its low weight.

Informative On-Site Building Thermography

Because of the excellent image reproduction of the VarioCAM® High Definition, first assessments of the building can already be done on site:

  • Where are the insulation faults?
  • Where can conception-induced thermal bridges be located?
  • Are there any hidden constructional defects?

Thermal imaging is of great importance to leak detection: egress points of pipes can be diagnosed pinpoint to allow for targeted opening of walls and floors.

Our mobile thermal cameras let you assess constructional problems reliably with only little time expenditure. The VarioCAM® High Definition with its numerous individual specifications is perfectly suited for the professional and universal applications of building thermography.

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    Building Thermography

    Building Thermography

    Save money doing thermographic building inspections by using a high performance infrared camera and expert software.

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