World's First Eight Channel Pyroelectric Detector in TO8 Housing

Pyroelectric detectors are ideally suited for gas analysis. Until now, it only gets complicated if many gases should be measured. There are often simply too few measuring channels for this purpose. The LRM-278 from InfraTec offers exactly the right solution for this. This detector combines eight measuring channels in a TO8 housing with a diameter of 15.2 millimeters. As a result, the number of gases that can be measured with a single detector of this size doubles in one fell swoop.

Double Space Savings

When looking at the design of the single supply detector, two details become clear, which make a significant contribution towards ensuring that such a powerful solution fits into such a small space. The first detail is the central window built directly in the cap, which all other models of the series of miniaturised multi channel detectors have, too. The correspondingly large aperture of 8.5 × 8.5 mm2 means that the LRM-278 has a very large field of view (FOV). This gives rise to its outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.

Multi channel detector LRM-278 from InfraTec

The second detail is concealed inside the detector. There, on special chip carriers, the sensitive pyroelectric sensors, the compensation elements as well as the 2 × 2 mm2 filters are positioned directly on top of each other. Due to this stack design, there is sufficient space for all other components.

Das Raumwunder – der LRM-278 - PYROMID®‐ Achtkanaldetektor von InfraTec

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Further Features of LRM-278

  • Central window built directly in the cap
  • FOV: 80°
  • Pyroelectric chips: 1.4 x 1.4 mm2 per channel
  • Filters: 2 x 2 mm2
  • Detectivity: 4.5E+08 cm√Hz/W
  • Temperature sensor integrated in the detector
  • Single supply OpAmp for current mode
  • Thermal compensation available
  • Completely hermetically sealed on request
Multi channel detector LRM-278 from InfraTec

Temperature Sensor Directly in the Detector

The frames with sensitive elements and filters are arranged in a square each with three times three fields. With a total of eight channels, one field thus remains free – the one in the middle. At this position there is a temperature sensor. With gas sensors, the temperature is usually measured as well. Until now, this has not been possible directly in the detector, however. Measuring the temperature inside the detector, for example, provides the option of compensating the typical temperature drift of the filters very accurately by means of a calibration.

In addition to the measurement accuracy, there are also the benefits resulting from the current mode of the LRM-278. This means that it impresses particularly by its fast displaying of signal changes and dynamic response behaviour. The resulting high signal voltage simplifies the circuit design and allows the detector to become more resilient against disturbances. The higher signal levels support the easy integration of the detector into measuring modules.

Possible Applications

  • Complex tasks within the gas analysis
  • Analysis of medical and technical gases
  • Measurement of emissions
  • Safety technology
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LRM Series: Miniaturised Multi Channel Detectors

LRM detectors by InfraTec offer an extremely wide FOV in combination with a compact design and attractive pricing. Their central window in the cap provides reliable protection against environmental influences. Optionally soldered to the housing it enables complete hermetic sealing. The channel filters are placed inside the detectors close to the pyroelectric elements. The reduced distance and the central window integrated into the detector caps ensure a wide FOV.

LRM Detectors at a Glance

  • Assortment of 2-, 4- and 8-channel detectors
  • Operation in voltage mode or current mode
  • Extremely wide FOV provides powerful performance
  • TO46, TO39 and TO8 housings available
  • Robust central window for protection against penetrating moisture
  • Thermal compensation available

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