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At the company’s headquarters in Dresden we develop and manufacture pyroelectric infrared detectors in a large variety and of highest quality. They are used by our customers for high-precision gas analysis as well as for fire and flame detection. Local dedicated subsidiaries support our clients in the United States and in the United Kingdom. 

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The modular construction system of InfraTec’s pyroelectric detectors consists of approximately 50 standard types and therefore offers optimized solutions for a variety of applications in the field of sensor technology. Detectors with reduced microphonic technology and integrated operational amplifier as well as a new detector family with tuneable filter on MOEMS basis are part of our product range, too.

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    Sensor News

    Read the current version of the Sensor News – The Sensor Division Newsletter from InfraTec – and learn more about the new PyrIQ family, selected applications of pyroelectric detectors and 30 years of infrared history at the highest level.

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    Nothing Goes Undetected with the LRM-292

    With the LRM-292 pyroelectric detector in a TO46 housing, InfraTec offers the world's smallest multi-channel detector with integrated operational amplifier and thermal compensation.

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    Online Event “Pyroelectric Detectors in Action”

    In theory, the functioning of a pyroelectric detector is absolutely comprehensible. But how exactly can users integrate their infrared detectors into their measuring solution themselves? During the event, the experts from InfraTec will answer all questions in a personal live exchange. You too can experience the world of infrared detectors in a lively way.

  • Technology Consulting and Product Management

    Sensor Technology Consulting& Product Management

    We are happy to advise you individually and discuss possible special applications of our pyroelectric detectors.

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    Frequently asked questions of our customers about infrared detectors and the physical basics of sensor technology are anwered on this site.

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    InfraTec Company Member­ships

    InfraTec Company Member­ships

    InfraTec is a member of some associations and societies to report there about the topics infrared sensor technology and thermography, to be available as a contact person and to exchange with others.

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It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our experienced engineers, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.

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Applications of Infrared Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors in the NDIR gas analysis - Picture Credits: © Juergen Faelchle /
Pyroelectric Detectors in Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis

The range of applications of pyroelectric detectors for gas analysis is very extensive, ranging from environmental measurements to the detection of gas leaks, steel analysis and medical patient monitoring while under anesthesia.

Infrared Flame Sensor / Infrared Flame Monitoring - Picture Credits: © ttstudio /
Infrared Flame Sensor

Infrared Flame Sensor

Use InfraTec’s fail-safe and consistently stable pyroelectric detectors for detecting typical spectral radiation, which is caused by burning organic substances.



In spectroscopes, very special pyroelectric detectors by InfraTec are used. Essential for this application are the uniform absorption characteristics over a wide wavelength range. This is made possible by a special absorption layer on the pyroelectric chip.

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InfraTec offers five different product groups including approximately 50 standard pyroelectric detectors. Choose your suitable infrared detectors with the help of our detailed detector search.

Overview of all standard infrared detectors
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