InfraTec Supports Social Projects

People who do voluntary work to help others are one of the most important pillars of our society. They help those who are not able to do so themselves. We would like to thank these people and support them on their way.

"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared." Albert Schweitzer

During the Corona pandemic, our company was one of the few whose products were in global demand. Being a supplier of components that medical device manufacturers urgently needed, we were able to work through with hardly any Corona-related restrictions. Thus, InfraTec can reflect on an overall successful business year.

We share our good fortune
With people who try to make the world a little better every day: Engineers Without Borders.
Their goal is to create the best possible living conditions for needy and disadvantaged people by building and expanding basic infrastructure. The focus is on cooperation in partnership. In this way, local partners and local residents are involved in the development projects and empowered to help themselves in the future through a transfer of knowledge: Helping people to help themselves. The association thrives on the commitment of its numerous voluntary supporters. As engineers, we are aware of the high performance of the association and would like to honour and promote it accordingly.

With people who create knowledge for the many from the knowledge of the few: Wikimedia Fördergesellschaft gGmbH.

Wikipedia is one of the world's most visited websites and offers free access to comprehensive, trustworthy knowledge. Behind all this is a staff of around 500 and a non-profit idea that does not follow a revenue-generating "business model".

With people who are committed to helping other people: Dresdeners help Dresdeners.
The donation will benefit three Dresden associations. Firstly, the Diakonie Dresden, which uses the money for work with the homeless and, among other things, runs the night cafés for the homeless, as well as the "Aufwind e. V.", which helps children and young people in socially difficult conditions. Either in the form of extra tuition, a membership fee for a sports club or as a subsidy for a school trip. The third association, "Dresdner Kinderhilfe", offers social and psychological support for chronically ill children and their families. Among other things, it supports the Dresden University Hospital in the procurement of special medical equipment for the premature infants and new-borns ward.

This year we again want to support and promote social projects in Dresden. We hope to make a charitable contribution to the welfare of our society and to share a part of "our good fortune " with others.