InfraTec Opens Second Branch Office in the USA

To meet the increasing demand from partners for pyroelectric detectors, the Dresden-based company is expanding its presence in the American market.

In 2007 the first transatlantic branch of InfraTec was opened in Dallas, Texas. It was the second international branch after Great Britain. Thus the foundation of the American subsidiary InfraTec infrared LLC continued the way for the Dresden-based company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik on the international market. InfraTec is also present in China with a permanent representative.

2020 – InfraTec grows internationally
Since November 2020 InfraTec infrared LLC is running a second location in the USA in Atlanta, Georgia. The reason for this step is the high demand for pyroelectric detectors for gas and flame sensors in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Especially the USA and North America in general are among the largest markets for infrared sensor technology worldwide and therefore an important cornerstone of InfraTec's sales strategy. "With the numerous customers located there, we generate one third of the company's total annual turnover", says Matthias Heinze, Managing Director of the infrared sensor division. In the last five years, InfraTec has recorded a 70 percent growth in turnover on the American market.

With the opening of the new location, the sales team in America was also expanded. Thus, InfraTec customers benefit more from the comprehensive service on site. Customer enquiries can be processed even more targeted and faster, as time zone differences do not have to be considered. This facilitates customer service by the Dresden-based company, whose entire production is located in Dresden, Germany.

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