Case Study: Inspection of District Heating Pipelines Using Thermography

District heating is generally regarded as an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly form of energy supply. Based on industrial waste heat or renewable energy sources, it offers the possibility of heating water and thus supplying private, commercial and industrial customers. Prerequisite for this is an intact transport system. Only then energy reaches the consumers with minimal losses. This is precisely what Netze Duisburg GmbH is doing to control the city's entire district heating network supported by InfraTec infrared cameras.

Several Hundred Kilometres of Pipelines in Focus
Peter Becker, working at the district heating service department at Netze Duisburg GmbH, is one of the experts in handling these cameras. He and his team use InfraTec thermography systems to regularly inspect the district heating network for possible leaks and check the sleeves of plastic-coated pipes for perfect thermal insulation. "The network covers almost 465 kilometres," says Becker. "So we have to monitor several kilometres for water leakage."

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