Portable Thermal Imagers for Investigation and Remote Surveillance

National and international security authorities rely on the infrared imager Nyxus Bird

Global homeland security authorities are regularly working on missions covering observation, reconnaissance and rescue operations. For this broad choice of requirements they need an infrared imager which is as flexible and versatile as required by the relevant organizations. With the Nyxus Bird InfraTec offers a multifunctional surveillance tool which can fulfil the requested tasks.

This night vision-thermal imager with an uncooled high-resolution (640 x 480) IR-pixel detector offers superb image quality. A thermal resolution of less than 0.08 K allows visualization of even the smallest thermal differences or signatures. With one click users can easily toggle between the infrared channel and a visual 

(7 x 40) monocular usable for daylight viewing – its complex lens multicoating strongly reduces glare and reflections.

Rigorously designed for portable scenarios
The concept of Nyxus Bird is a direct result of the research on requirement parameters generated by demanding operational mission profile analysis. The ruggedized water- and dustproof housing is ergonomically designed and copes with extended exposure to harsh environmental conditions. In addition it complies with US military standard MIL-STD810F. Numerous design features generate further tactical options – like the long-distance laser rangefinder which escapes image-intensifier-based counter intelligence. In the process of long-range distance measuring the internal GPS sensor, the digital compass and an internal zoom function support the user efficiently and quickly.

The above combination of features made it possible to introduce and implement Nyxus Bird into current border protection programmes in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. The thermal imager is also used by German security authorities. On top of the basic Nyxus Bird functionality, the alternative Nyxus Bird LR (long-range) version facilitates detection of humans beyond four kilometres and ground vehicles beyond seven kilometres.

Ergonomical handling and versatile system integration

Independently from the mission profile Nyxus Bird supports the individual user by its comfortable and ergonomical handling, even one-handed operation is possible. Individual snapshots can be stored and comfortably exported. Video data can be streamed via the integrated USB interface, once attached to a Windows PC Nyxus Bird turns into an infrared long-range webcam. A serial interface allows connection to computer controlled remote.

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