Increased Resolution with New EverSharp Feature

VarioCAM® High Definition – A Multi-talent for Highest Demands

The uncooled thermal imaging camera series VarioCAM® High Definition by InfraTec, equipped with a globally unique detector of (1,024 x 768) IR pixels, can be used for multiple purposes in various industries. The broad range of applications is made possible by the multitude of different equipment lines available. The models "research" and "inspect" are available for mobile operations, for example, while the “head” version is designed for stationary tasks in harsh environments.

Designed for continuous operation, the integrated opto-mechanical MicroScan unit is now in its third generation and enables the inclusion of thermal image sequences with a resolution of (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels. Even the smallest structures and defects can now be detected efficiently and safely on large-scale measurement objects.

With the innovative “EverSharp” feature, all object structures in the image scene are clear, regardless of their distance from the camera and the lens used. To achieve this, special algorithms are used to create a thermal image with multiple focal lengths automatically combined, so that only structures that are clearly in focus are represented in the resulting thermal image. As a result, detailed thermal images are created in which all objects appear in the highest possible clarity.

A lot of useful functions of the camera series, such as the "permanent autofocus" integrated laser rangefinder, the distance-dependent display of measurable object size, and the wide range of optics come together to support the capture of usable thermal images.

In combination with the user-specific tailored thermography software packages of IRBIS® 3-family, professional thermographers now have a working tool in VarioCAM® HD that leaves nothing to be desired, and that is well suited for virtually any measurement task.

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