New dual channel detector in single supply operation with high sensitivity

Pyroelectric detector LIM-272 for gas analysis available now

InfraTec GmbH from Dresden, Germany has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pyroelectric infrared detectors. In 2002, we augmented our detector line with integrated CMOS preamplifiers which were successfully established on the marketplace. In contrast to conventionally equipped detectors with JFET source-follower, these detectors provide higher signal gain and faster time response. Due to very high signal voltages of up to a few 100 mV, they can be easily signal conditioned and coupled to an A/D converter or microcontroller.

For the past several years, the integrated CMOS OpAmp preamplifier family also included detectors with one channel for single supply operation. These detectors were developed for use in gas analyzers or for flame detection at large distances. The extremely low power consumption of 40 µW at 2.7 V is especially ideal for battery powered portable analyzers. The power consumption in single supply operation is only 40 µW, compared to 800 µW in split supply. The built-in thermal compensation circuitry of these detectors ensures a stable operating point under extreme temperature ramp conditions.

The new LIM-272 low-power detector with two channels is the newest innovation by InfraTec. In addition to the measurement channel, a reference channel is also available. Due to the high sensitivity of > 90k V/W, the LIM-272 is also very suitable for gas analyzers with a wavelength range of (8 … 12) µm and can be used to identify alcohol or chlorinated hydrocarbons, for example.

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