FORNAX 2 plus offers new methods of analysis for construction thermographers and consultants

Active thermography in the field of building instruction

InfraTec’s world-wide unique thermography evaluation software “FORNAX 2” for professional thermographic construction analysis has been functionally improved. From now on, both versions FORNAX 2 and FORNAX 2 plus will be available. The basic version FORNAX 2 is still designed with ease-of-use and familiar operations in mind such as humidity simulation based on measurement values and climate databases, and therefore the determination of potential places for mould or the comprehensive comment database with typical building classifications and damages.

Furthermore, the usage of active thermography procedures in FORNAX 2 plus is really new. This procedure is able to detect difficult to find damages such as cavities or poor insulation inside building shells even in extreme weather or heat flow conditions. In this case, material surfaces are heated up with the help of panel radiators. Temperature gradients between the inside and outside wall, a standard requirement in building thermography and mostly only available during the winter months, is not needed anymore. It is created through the partly pulsating irradiation of the shown surfaces and can now be processed and analysed with the help of special mathematical algorithms. In general, active thermography, which is mainly used of non-destructive material testing of metals or composite materials, is now available for the construction industry because of FORNAX 2 plus.

In addition, the extended software version FORNAX 2 plus also helps manage complex test series of data loggers and uses it as a basis for building physics calculations. Several formats such as *.txt- or *.csv-data can be processed with this new program.

Professional thermography is always an interaction of know-how, high-quality camera technology and modern evaluation software. InfraTec as full-line supplier covers almost all areas of infrared thermography. In combination with infrared cameras of the VarioCAM® High Definition and
VarioCAM® high resolution product line, FORNAX 2 demonstrates efficient controlling and provides analysing tools in the field of construction thermography.

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