New infrared detector interface boosts camera full-frame rate

High-speed infrared camera ImageIR® 8300 high performance

InfraTec´s ImageIR® camera series is getting another upgrade – with the new ImageIR® 8300 hp version thermal imaging enters a new era of high-speed thermography.

The implementation of a digitally-interfaced (640 x 512) pixel MWIR detector now allows 350 Hz full-frame real-time imaging without sacrificing any thermal accuracy. In combination with ultra-short integration times ultrafast industrial processes or research tasks can be recorded and analysed. Half-frame series can be recorded at 570 Hz, quarter-frame sequences even allow 1,000 Hz. Already the Gigabit Ethernet interface (CamLink optional) as part of the standard package enables for the high recording speed and 14 bit transfer of radiometric data limited only by the hard disk capacity of the control computer.

Like all camera models of this series ImageIR® 8300 hp and its cooled focal-plane-array photon detector reach an outstanding thermal resolution better than 0.025 K (25 mK). The new version was developed for most demanding operations in research and development and process monitoring fields. Its modular structure consisting of the optical-, detector- and interface section, makes the camera easily compatible to the related applications and for tailored configurations.

An integrated trigger interface guarantees a repeatable high-precision triggering of quick procedures. Two configurable digital in- and outputs serve as control ports for the camera or as generator of digital control signals for external devices.

The optical channel consists of the exchangeable infrared lens as well as application-specific apertures, filters and optical elements. All exchangeable ImageIR® standard lenses can be equipped with a motorised focus unit easily operable from the camera's application software.  It allows for precise, fast and remotely controlled motorised focusing and is part of the autofocus function.
In combination with InfraTec´s thermographic evaluation software IRBIS® 3 professional, ImageIR® 8300 hp sets new standards as an efficient high-performance tool for demanding thermography studies.

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