Thermography-Day „Research & Development“ 2013 in Dresden

Knowledge exchange about possibilities of Infrared Thermography

Due to the high level of interest in our last year’s Thermography-Day “Research & Development”, we are going to organise this event again for 2013 in Dresden.   

On 8th October 2013, interested parties and thermographers from industry, research and automation will have the opportunity to learn more about possibilities of Infrared Thermography in their challenging field of activity as well as new product innovations and system solutions by InfraTec.

Featuring numerous presentations by internal and external presenters, this year’s programme will introduce different applications from research and development. Participants can expect to get a better insight in technique and technology in order to obtain a better appreciation of the potential of thermography for their particular project. With the use of the latest FPA-camera technology and sophisticated evaluation procedures designed by InfraTec, limits of what is achievable are reached and new fields, in which the use of thermography was previously very limited or not even available, will open up. During the accompanying exhibition “Live experiences of Thermography”, the functions of the latest thermography systems with Megapixel resolution VarioCAM® High Defintion and ImageIR® 9300 will be introduced among other things.

8th October 2013

TechnologieZentrum Dresden at InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Gostritzer Str. 61 – 63, 01217 Dresden

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