Stationary infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head security

Opening the World of High-Definition Thermal Surveillance

The high-resolution thermography system VarioCAM® HD head is based on the new generation of uncooled microbolometer FPA detectors, it has been designed for measuring tasks carried out by static systems. The VarioCAM® HD head security version has been specifically developed for ambitious surveillance and protection tasks related to perimeter protection or vehicle integration. This is no longer dominated just by optical CCTV systems.

With (1,024 x 768) native infrared pixel the largest uncooled microbolometer detector commercially available was integrated into a weatherproof, compact aluminium body for the first time world-wide. Due to the high detector resolution and its outstanding thermal performance detection ranges of 6.1 km (human) and 10.1 km (ground vehicle), respectively, could be realized (according to NATO Standard 4347). With these outstanding figures VarioCAM® HD head security can handle tasks previously handled by more expensive and maintenance-sensitive cooled cameras.

State-of-the-art detector technology and proper highest-level signal processing are just one part of the story, the completely new design of the 60 mm- and 120 mm-telephoto lenses are equally important details. With f/1 aperture and high-transmission coatings they are specifically designed to match the 17 µm resolution of the new detector generation.

The ruggedized aluminium body is available with IP67 rating, the protective Lemo plugs allow 24/7 outdoor mounting without additional protective enclosure. Standard connection to PC is established via GigE vision compatible communication (TCP/IP), digital and analogue video outputs are available, too. Further options include a GPS interface, powerful software options from the thermographic software family IRBIS® 3 which can also include temperature alarm, thermally initiated motion tracking and other features.

The benefits of the new VarioCAM® HD head security against standard (640 x 480) IR pixel thermal cameras can be summarized as follows:

  • 2.5 times more pixel
  • Less pan-tilt movements required due to a 18 % field-of-view-increase
  • Pixel size reduced by 32 % to achieve better geometrical resolution and range performance
  • Approx. 40 % better range performance compared to a 25 µm pitch detector system

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