VarioVIEW™ – the first choice for German Law-enforcement Authorities

After its successful market launch in the year 2009 InfraTec GmbH could generate further success with the handheld thermal imager VarioVIEW™ produced by the German optronics manufacturer Jenoptik, ESW GmbH. Regarding the supply of several VarioVIEW™ 75 and VarioVIEW™ 150 units in Germany contracts with i. e. five state law-enforcement authorities and one federal authority could be signed. The powerful infrared observation systems are usually used for investigation and surveillance tasks. The big points for VarioVIEW™ are its range performance, the outstanding thermal and geometric resolution of its optics and sensor system, the unsurpassed simple user interface and its long-lifetime system design. Backed by the new upgrading options like pc-based remote control, wireless data transmission and a portable pan-tilt head VarioVIEW™ has turned into a scaleable thermographic system for complex observation tasks modern homeland security forces require.

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