New single supply pyroelectric detectors for 2.7 V operation

InfraTec ( is committed to extend its product line of pyroelectric detectors by new, highly innovative components which perfectly fit the latest markets requirements constantly. Since 2002 a wide range of current-mode detectors with integrated CMOS OpAmp instead of a JFET source follower has been brought on the market. These single and multi-color devices offer a signal voltage in the order of several hundred millivolts in NDIR gas analyzers and can easily be connected with microcontrollers.  

In October 2009 a new series with an ultra low power consumption of only 40 µW @ 2.7 V and single supply is launched.  

The flagship LME-336 based on the patented LowMicro chip mounting and its very high responsivity is especially de-signed for gas analyzing instruments ope-rating in the wavelength range (8 … 12) µm (alcohol, chlorated hydrocarbons, ozone). The LME-346 is of interest for flame detection at large distances. A LowMicro chip mounting and shorter time constant characterize this detector. A stable DC operating point is realized by a thermal compensation element for both devices.  

As for all devices of InfraTec RoHS and REACH requirements are fulfilled.

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