High-end Camera Series ImageIR®

At the Hannover Fair Industry 2009, the thermography expert InfraTec GmbH from Dresden presented its newly developed high-end camera series ImageIR® with its outstanding metrological performance data and its unheard-of compactness and variability. The new ImageIR® thermography systems have been designed for high-demanding applications in the field of R&D, for non-destructive material testing as well as for process control. They have been designed as a modular basic system enabling comfortable adjustment to the respective application.

The optical channel consists of interchangeable infrared lenses as well as apertures, filters, reference and optical elements for use in different applications. High-precision and robust fine mechanics combined with controlled actuators and sensors enable uncompromising radiometric stability under all application conditions. A well-balanced range of interchangeable precise radiometric infrared lenses in measurement quality covers the fields of telephoto lenses, standard lenses, wide-angle lenses as well as macroscope and microscope lenses.  

Cooled focal-plane-array photon detectors of different types (InSb, MCT and QWIP) and of different formats (320 x 256) and (640 x 512) IR-pixels working in snapshot mode are used. Depending on the detector, the frame rates can reach some hundreds of Hz in full screen mode as well as some ten thousands of Hz in part screen mode. The integration times range between 1 µs and 2 ms – at a measurement accuracy of +/- 1 K, or 1 %. The average temperature definition is better than 0.02 K at an object temperature of 30 °C.  

Depending on the chosen interface option, the ImageIR® thermography systems contain flexibly configurable digital interfaces for the transfer of image data and for controlling, such as Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link, USB and CAN. An optional trigger interface guarantees most precise synchronicity from and to external sensors and actuators, which, is required by active thermography applications, for example.  

Combined with the thermography evaluation software IRBIS® 3 professional by InfraTec, the camera series ImageIR® sets completely new standards as an efficient high-performance tool for most challenging thermographical testing.

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