Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Sales Manager East Justin Jensen

    More Service for Customers in North America

    InfraTec sales team strengthened by infrared technology expert

    Given the widespread success of its pyroelectric detectors in the USA, Canada and Mexico, InfraTec is expanding its local presence. Justin Jensen will...

  • Thermography with ImageIR series - HDR feature - Picture credits: © / Vershinin M

    Simultaneous Mapping of Wide Temperature Ranges

    The HDR function of the high-end camera series ImageIR® facilitates the analysis of objects with extreme temperature gradients

    If you want to measure temperatures in a very wide range with an infrared camera, you normally do this in stages. The neutral density filters are...

  • Infrared camera series ImageIR® 9400 from InfraTec

    Versatile and Extremely Powerful

    Full of Technical Innovations: ImageIR® 9400 from InfraTec - the All-round Talent among High-end Thermography Systems

    Measurement and testing tasks that use infrared cameras often differ enormously. So what could be better than being able to use a camera that is...

  • InfraTec Uni Bayreuth - Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity

    Case Study: Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity in Nano- and Mesostructured Polymer Systems

    Lock-in Thermography with Infrared Camera VarioCAM® HD research 800

    New materials with precisely controlled optical and thermal transport characteristics can make a large contribution to resource-saving thermal...

  • Miniaturized multi channel detector LRM-274

    More Performance, Less Power

    The LRM-274 from InfraTec is ideal for integration into flame sensor measurement instruments

    When organic substances such as wood, natural gas, petrol and various plastics are catching fire, spectral radiation of typical wavelengths is...

  • Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams - TU Ilmenau

    Case Study: Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams

    Miscellaneous welding tasks in steel constructions currently have a low degree of automation, resulting in a high amount of manual work and...