Press Releases of InfraTec

  • InfraTec - Process Monitoring During Open‐die Forging

    Case Study: Process Monitoring During Open‐die Forging

    Thermography with VarioCAM® HD head 800 in Harsh Environments

    Anyone who wants to produce curved or twisted steel and aluminium components, can rely on bending forging nowadays. Components with complex geometries...

  • Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN - Protective housing / Picture credits: © Pexels / Emmet

    Case Study: WASTE-SCAN Against "Black Clouds"

    WASTE-SCAN Monitoring System for Safety in Plant Operation

    Many tons of waste are bunkered and processed every day in waste recycling plants. It is not uncommon for this to contain highly flammable materials....

  • Determining heat transfer coefficients at Leibniz University Hannover

    Case Study: Infrared Thermography for Determining Heat Transfer Coefficients

    Analysing Passive Components with Temperature Oscillation Method

    Technical systems and devices are often subject to the influence of thermal energy or heat up due to internal processes. Their efficiency and service...

  • Radiometric IR camera module PIR uc 605 from InfraTec

    Fits In One Hand – PIR uc 605 from InfraTec

    Create sharply detailed thermographic images with compact IR camera module

    The radiometric IR camera module PIR uc 605 is designed for universal use and, in combination with the corresponding software IRBIS® 3 from InfraTec,...

  • InfraTec clean rooms for production and research as well as office space

    InfraTec Invests in Higher Production Capacity

    To meet the growing demand for sensor products, the Dresden-based company has considerably expanded its production facilities. On 4th September 2020 the opening event for InfraTec's largest investment project to date took place in a small circle.

    With this inauguration ceremony, InfraTec completes an investment of more than 10 Mio. EUR in the expansion and modernisation of clean rooms for...

  • InfraTec high‐speed thermography with ImageIR® 8300 hs - Picture credits: © / jerbarbe

    Do Not Miss a Moment: High‐speed Thermography in Full Resolution with over 1,000 Hz

    ImageIR® 8300 hs – Measurement of fast processes combined with highest precision and futureproof flexibility

    InfraTec's camera series ImageIR® stands for infrared cameras with cooled focal‐plane array photon detectors, which meet the highest demands on...