Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Infratec

    The New Generation SWIR Infrared Cameras

    High-resolution, radiometrically calibrated for temperatures from 300 °C – ImageIR® 8100 & ImageIR® 9100

    The SWIR infrared cameras ImageIR® 8100 and ImageIR® 9100 are especially developed for thermographic measurement tasks which are characterised by very...

  • InfraTec online event - Thermography for Improved Energy

    Online Event: Thermography for Improved Energy

    Higher Efficiency and Security in Renewable Energies

    The transformation to using renewable energy sources is a basic prerequisite for achieving the current climate protection goals.

  • InfraTec Online-Event – Stress Analysis / Picture credits: © iStock / kimtaro

    Online Event: Efficient Material Testing – Non‐destructive and Contactless

    Thermoelastic Stress Analysis with Thermography

    Conventional but especially the growing additive manufacturing processes – both in the prototype stage and in industrial production – require...

  • InfraTec press release Thermography Compact

    Thermography Compact – Enter the World of Infrared Technology

    Experience thermography – technical lectures and demonstrations plus professional exchanges.

    On 23rd November 2022, interested parties and thermographers from science and industry will have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities...

  • InfraTec Trai­ning: Active Ther­mo­graphy in NDT – Advant­ages, Chal­lenges, Oppor­tun­ities

    Active Thermography in NDT – Advantages, Challenges, Opportunities

    The training for an efficient introduction to the processes of active thermography.

    Active thermography in combination with high‐resolution infrared cameras is an elegant testing method to analyse measuring objects in a non‐contact...

  • InfraTec PR - Online Event: High-Resolution Aerial Thermography

    Online Event: High-Resolution Aerial Thermography

    The Infrared Eye in the Sky – Aerial Thermography with InfraTec

    If you are looking for an eye in the sky that peers into the infrared, you are welcome to the world of thermography.