Press Releases of InfraTec

When looking for up-to-date news about InfraTec, you are in the right place. In addition to press releases, you will find the latest flyers on our products as well as case studies from our customers on the following pages. The InfraTec Newsletter provides you with an overview of developments in the infrared measurement technology division.

On request, we can also provide you with further photo and video material.

  • Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9

    InfraTec mobileIR E9 - Budget-friendly infrared camera for demanding inspection tasks

    The new InfraTec mobileIR E9 with its compact and robust design as well as the comprehensive equipment was developed in particular for demanding...

  • InfraTec receives major order from SIEMENS

    InfraTec receives major order from SIEMENS to deliver high-end infrared cameras

    The energy sector of the SIEMENS AG assigns InfraTec GmbH in Dresden to deliver ten cooled high-end infrared cameras for a reliable testing of...

  • handheld thermal imager VarioVIEW™

    VarioVIEW™ – the first choice for German Law-enforcement Authorities

    After its successful market launch in the year 2009 InfraTec GmbH could generate further success with the handheld thermal imager VarioVIEW™ produced...

  • InfraTec supports high-quality aircraft production

    InfraTec seeks for efficient ways for aircraft production

    Thermographic measurement solutions will contribute to make production technology for aircraft manufacturing more efficient.

  • VarioVIEW™ thermal imager and IRBIS® remote

    VarioVIEW™ thermal imager

    Equipped with an uncooled (640 x 480) pixel focal plane array and the diffractive optics of a Jenoptik 150 mm telephoto germanium lens our VarioVIEW™...

  • InfraTec Software FORNAX 2

    InfraTec Software FORNAX 2 - New version of the building thermography software

    With the release of the latest version of the building thermography software Fornax 2, InfraTec GmbH provides an efficient tool for the evaluation and...