Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN monitoring system

    Case Study: Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant

    WASTE‐SCAN Monitoring System for Safety in Plant Operation



  • ARAMIS system from GOM - Picture credits: GOM GmbH

    Case Study: Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermographic Measurements

    The combination of measuring results from the digital image correlation (ARAMIS, DIC) and temperature measuring data from infrared cameras enables the...

  • Thermographic Analysis of a Fusion Plant - Divertor

    Case Study: Monitoring Plasma at Wendelstein 7-X

    Case Study: Thermographic Analysis of a Fusion Plant

    What will the energy supply of the future look like? The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald is dealing with this question.

  • Tunable detectors will soon fit in smaller housings

    Entry into New Spheres and Markets

    Tunable detectors will soon fit in smaller housings. This opens opportunities for new cooperative ventures for InfraTec.

    The InfraTec engineers have now succeeded for the first time in integrating a tunable detector with Fabry-Pérot filter (FPI detector) into a TO39...

  • Pyroelectric detector LRM-278 from InfraTec

    The Space-saving Wonder

    InfraTec presents the LRM-278, the world's first eight channel pyroelectric detector in TO8 housing.

    Pyroelectric detectors are ideally suited for gas analysis. Until now, this has been complicated if many gases should be measured. There were often...

  • MIREX project - picture credits: © / inhauscreative

    Equipment in Case of an Emergency

    InfraTec supports the development of a new explosion-proof gas detector for rescue forces

    Gas detectors for detecting explosive and combustible gases are an indispensable part of the protective equipment of the fire brigade, disaster relief...