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Frame Rate Exceeds 100 kHz Limit

For some years now, the ImageIR® 5300 has been the top model in terms of frame rates within the ImageIR® series. The special status of the ImageIR® 5300 goes back to its detector. Its sensitive elements are arranged at a distance of 30 µm. This pitch is twice the size of conventional detectors. Therefore, this model not only has an enormous thermal sensitivity, but now also enables sub-frame rates of up to 105 kHz.

The camera is predestined for the solution of measurement and testing tasks in which extremely fast thermal processes are to be recorded. This applies, for example, to the investigation of combustion processes. Such high frame rates also play a role in much of basic scientific research. These include, for example, aerodynamics and fluid dynamics issues in the aerospace sector as well as applications in which laser technology is used.

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Camera Series ImageIR® 5300

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