Thermal Analysis of Fast-rotating Objects

High-speed Thermography with IRBIS® 3 rotate

In the automotive sector increasing requirements of lifetime and quality properties of wearing parts demand for thorough investigations of the respective modules and components. InfraTec has developed innovative thermographic solutions for the analysis of rotating parts of brakes, clutches and undercarriages. The measurement object is captured with scan rates of some Kilohertz. The data acquisition is triggered automatically by the testing system. To better display, evaluate and archive the captured time-dependent temperature data, several specially adjusted transformations are applied.

Software Irbis® 3 rotate from InfraTec
3D display
Investigations on wearing parts

System characteristics

  • Synchronised crude data acquisition on both sides
  • Contact-free thermal online state recognition, automatic hotspot detection
  • Alarm release on violation of critical temperature limits
  • Recording of system parameters (contact pressure, speed, etc.) and statistical data preparation
  • Flexible parameter setting and saving of all acquisition parameters

Application Report

The SIEMENS AG uses ceramic coatings in the production of turbine blades for thermal power plants, since it makes higher turbine infeed temperatures possible, which lead to higher efficiency.

During this process, it is necessary to ensure the accurate fabrication of the coatings without impact on the flow passages. Mr. Sczepurek and his team are in charge of the required test methods and processes. He chose infrared thermography as a nondestructive testing method, since it delivers the capability to measure large turbine parts very quickly and reliably. InfraTec supports this project by delivering reliable high-power thermal cameras of the series ImageIR®, which is produced in Dresden. With the high geometric resolution and frame rate as well as the precise trigger ability, ImageIR® makes it possible to test every turbine reliably in an economically acceptable time frame.

Thermographic test station - Picture Credit: © SIEMENS AG