Compact, robust, versatile

Thermography-Based OEM Solutions for the Industry

InfraTec’s thermography systems allow efficient and safe monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes in industry. Due to their modular concept they are also ideally suited as OEM solutions.

By using the appropriate SDK and industrial interfaces, the thermography systems can be easily and quickly integrated into existing system environments. This enables reliable camera control and data acquisition over very long distances as well as the acquisition of real-time thermographic data.

OEM solutions from InfraTec - Integration

For the secure protection of the infrared cameras in harsh industrial environments, camera protective housings made of highstrength aluminium alloys are used, and for more extreme conditions, even more robust protective housings.

Prior to the OEM solution being used in operation, our service team will provide detailed advice and will be available to you as a reliable partner for solution development, delivery and service.