Cameras at a small price

PIR uc 605 – Fits in One Hand and Creates Crisp Thermal Images

The radiometric IR camera module PIR uc 605 is designed for universal use and, in combination with the corresponding software IRBIS® 3 from InfraTec, it is a great entry level system into stationary thermography for research and development. As an OEM module it is predestined for integration into machines, plants and devices for monitoring and measurement tasks aiming at process optimisation and quality assurance, for example in mechanical engineering, the plastics industry or electronics.

InfraTec newsletter - Cameras at a small price - Picture credits: © / niserin

Based on an uncooled microbolometer FPA detector with (640 × 480) IR pixels, it provides detailed thermal images in high resolution and is ideal for analysing temperature distributions and their changes over time.

The low weight, a very small and robust light metal housing and IRBIS® SDK support easy integration into existing system environments.

The PIR uc 605 allows users to choose between different lenses and to adapt the camera module optimally to the measurement task. The interface concept enables convenient camera control and data acquisition. Recordings can be stored in real time with image frequencies up to 25 Hz via the Ethernet interface on a PC for further processing.