Thermography camera

A thermographic camera is a measuring instrument used for non-contact measurements of the surface temperature of objects.

Thermographic camera VarioCAM® hr research

Measuring temperature in this way enables you to visualise infrared radiation of objects or humans which are normally out of the normal visible spectrum. InfraTec based in Dresden / Germany is an expert in infrared measuring technology and offers a broad spectrum of portable and stationary high precision equipment. Our extensive range of products comprises of systems for beginners, all-round systems as well as high-end solutions. Thermographic cameras have an extremely wide range of applications, from predictive maintenance to process optimisation, quality control, component optimisation, building inspections, leak detection up to a variety of R&D applications.

Overview of all infrared camera models

VarioCAM ® high resolution - The world's first portable micro-bolometer thermographic camera with up to 1.23 MagePixel

Due to its high geometrical and thermal resolution VarioCAM ® high resolution provides excellent measuring results and pin sharp images. VarioCAM ® high resolution is extremely easy to carry and use, comes with numerous automatic functions and weighs as little as 1.5 kg. These are just a few of the features of this thermographic camera. Being ready for custimization VarioCAM ® high resolution is an efficient, all-purpose tool for sophisticated heat detection in numerous applications.