Temperature measurement

Thermal imaging is a technology for detecting temperatures without contacting the measurement object.

Every object with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared radiation. This is invisible to the human eye. Taking a thermal image with a thermographic camera the infrared radiation of objects will be recorded. Thermal images can be analysed effectively and easily using InfraTec’s IRBIS ® thermographic software.

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non-contacting temperature measurement

The thermographic image is displayed as a so-called false colour image. Each point in this image represents a certain temperature. The temperatures are allocated a specific colour according to the colour palette chosen. Measuring areas can be positioned, temperature profiles can be superimposed and minimum and maximum temperatures can be automatically shown to analyse the thermographic image. Additional functions and options enable a comprehensive and detailed analysis. The modular software concept of the IRBIS ® product range can satisfy individual customer requirements and still can be used in almost every area of thermal imaging analysis.

Significant thermal imaging on site

The condition of a house’s heat insulation can be analysed extremely efficient using VarioCAM ® high resolution. Furthermore, the cameras of this series come with various software packages for an efficient and precise analysis of the thermal images and for excellent reporting and documentation of the findings.

InfraTec’s building analysis software FORNAX is a tool especially tailored to the needs of building inspectors and energy conservation consultants. But VarioCAM ® high resolution-cameras measure not only heat loss but can also be used for process monitoring and quality control of thermally sensitive components. Thermal imaging using InfraTec´s thermographic cameras provides reliable information and easily indicates deviations from defined parameters.