Leak search

Leak search can be a difficult task, especially after water damages in hidden pipes, such as floor- and wall-mounted heaters.

With the aid of a thermographic camera, the damage can be found quickly and easily, since a temperature difference can be detected between the leaking water and the environment. The leakage point can be determined centimetre-perfectly with thermography.

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Building thermography

Thermography takes advantage of the fact, that every single body emits electromagnetic waves above the absolute zero. An infrared detector, which is integrated into the thermographic camera, is able to capture the intensity spread of the electromagnetic waves. Also in the field of construction drying or dehumidification, a thermographic camera can be used as measuring instrument. Damp spots extract heat from the constructional elements and appear as a colder region in the thermal image.

Thermographic cameras are used for leak search and inspections of district heating pipes

The inspector looks for insulation damages and leakages. These spots are warmer than the regularly shrouded pipes. A thermographic camera of the series VarioCAM ® high resolution with its outstanding image quality and numerous automatic features is especially recommendable in this case. When working with acoustic alarm signals, a temperature is set at the thermal camera, which will then release the alarm if the temperature limits are exceeded. Defective spots can therefore be localised securely.

With the thermography software IRBIS ® 3, which was developed by the InfraTec GmbH, you can analyse and document thermographic records quickly and effectively.