The right measuring instrument for every infrared thermography task

InfraTec has specialised in developing reliable high-quality devices for all applications of thermography.

Contact-free measurements of temperature spreads on object surfaces or of processes provide information about the progression of the process or the state of the object. With this, deviations from the production standard can be recognised instantly. For process- and quality control applications, we developed the modular inspection system INDU-SCAN.

More information about infrared thermography

Infrared thermography

A thermographic camera is installed in close vicinity to the process and then transmits the accumulated data to an evaluation unit, which will compare the actual state with the defined future state based on minimums, maximums and average values. A switch contact can be activated on violation of the set limits, which then triggers a warning signal to be able to effect respective countermeasures.

Applications of infrared thermography

Especially when manufacturing thermally sensitive components, infrared thermography provides specific information for quality assurance purposes. In plastic- and automotive industries, even smallest deviations from the preset temperature can lead to a severe quality loss. With thermographic monitoring, the sources of error can be recognised, documented and fixed.

You will find the suitable measuring instrument and respective software for every application, stationary or mobile, in our product range. Our modular structure makes adjustments to customer-specific requirements very easy.

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