Heat image camera

Heat image cameras are equipped with infrared detectors used to record the distribution and intensity of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted by eyery body with a temperatureabove absolute zero.

InfraTec is selling its brand new VarioCAM ® high resolution series which can be used for quality control, process monitoring, research and development. For process control the thermal cameras are positioned next to the object being monitored and record any deviations from the defined parameters. This so-called INDUS-SCAN solution is a flexible configurable modular system which enables automatic thermographic imaging. The heat image cameras then can also come with a protective casing and an air-core coil so that they can be used in harsh industrial environment.

Thermal cameras for heat detection

Heat image camera VarioCAM hr inspect

Heat image cameras are extremely reliable and useful as early fire detectors in large plants with fire hazardous materials. WASTE-SCAN is a system for early fire detection used to automatically monitor waste in waste bunkers of incineration plants. The IROD system can be used for the independent monitoring of railing sections and open spaces. Possible trespassing can be detected from human and vehicle heat emissions, especially when in the dark. Whether our thermal cameras are for portable or stationary use, they guarantee excellent measuring results.

Overview of all heat image camera models