Report Software IRBIS ® 3 report

Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 report

The stand-alone thermography software IRBIS ® 3 report is part of the software family IRBIS ® 3 and enables time efficient report generation by using variable templates. Even largest amounts of data, as they are generated by the professional thermographer, can become documented as a WORD report in a hassle-free and swift way. By means of a comprehensive set of analysis tools, measuring scenarios can conveniently and effortlessly be processed, analysed and documented.

Apart from routine analyses of thermographic images, IRBIS ® 3 report also meets complex demands for automation:

Features of IRBIS ® 3 report

  • Automated analysis and correction of thermographic images
  • Powerful functions and easy handling
  • Wide choice in provided report templates in compliance with VdS standard
  • Simple setup of individually adjusted report templates
  • Storage of report properties in the template
  • Completed reports can subsequently be altered and extended
  • Deposit of calculation rules using the formula editor
  • Automated and manual transfer of camera parameters
  • By just one click, reports are available as WORD documents

Thus IRBIS ® 3 report will assist you in solving everyday thermographic jobs professionally with a minimum in time and effort. The professional thermography software IRBIS ® 3 report is available for thermography systems offered by InfraTec.