FORNAX 2 - Special thermographic software

Thermographic Software Fornax 2 from InfraTec

FORNAX 2 is a special thermographic software for analysing and evaluating building physics in thermographic images of building structures, which is available in the two versions FORNAX 2 and FORNAX 2 plus. It is an essential tool for experts and energy advisors to visualise and analyse constructional and physical  interrelationships.  By using this innovative analysis software for building thermography, thermographic reports and  expertises can be furnished in a competent, extensive and time-saving manner.

Building thermography software highlights

  • Setup of comprehensive building physics thermal image evaluations
  • Presentation of hazard potential in view of moisture penetration and mould
  • Comprehensive measuring and report features
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Multi-window operation enables for parallel editing of multiple thermal images

Analysis and evaluation functions

Within a thermographic image, thermal construction faults can simply be marked and commented using the underlying annotation database. In addition, Fornax 2 and Fornax 2 plus are recommended for following analyses:

  • Efficient documentation and commentary through individually expandable modular reporting system
  • Surface condensation and resulting mould risk simulation according to EU DIN 4108 standard within the wellbeing zone according to EU DIN 1943 standard on interior walls
  • Heat flow calculations and statistics
  • Theoretical calculation of U-value according to EU DIN 4108 standard
  • Energy consumption cost calculation
  • Identification of seasonal interior surface condensation risks using the wall structure (use of building material database)

Functions of FORNAX 2 plus

  • Usage of active thermography for evaluation and calculation of thermographic image sequences resulting from Lock-In  procedures with Fourier transformation
  • Integration of complex data series from data loggers as basis for calculation of building physics

Advanced infrared image evaluation for building thermography

  • Calculation of the heat flow using results from the thermogram according to theoretical, practical or by parameter input calculated heat transfer resistance
  • U-value estimation based on the heat flow of defined measurement areas or the entire image according to EU DIN 4108
  • Energy cost accounting and determination of CO2 production from heat flow, climate data and energy source for standard-, calorific value- and  heat pump systems
  • Display of heat flow statistics for defined area

Possibilities for thermographic image editing:

  • Optimisation of thermographic image editing by using  digital filters
  • Image editing functions (reflection, rotation, perspective equalization, resizing)
  • Display of  horizontal and vertical temperature profile
  • Display of  temperature-time curve
  • Statistical functions and histogram display

Documentation and export functions of FORNAX 2 and FORNAX 2 plus:

Building thermography software FORNAX 2 from InfraTec
  • Professional documentation in just a few steps
  • Export of single images and image series in different formats
  • Documentation of all calculation results from the thermographic image evaluation
  • Easy diagnostics from an editable annotation database
  • Classification of entire buildings or components
  • Export of all calculation results for professional reporting
  • Storage and printout of the created documentation