Monitoring of industrial processes using thermography

Infrared cameras for stationary industrial solutions

Bespoke industrial thermographic automation solutions 

  • Modular industrial proof system as base for fast and customised solutions
  • Saving of temperature data for control purposes possible
  • Process control already integrable in standard software
  • Hand-over of data to process control possible in digital or analogue form

Details about the application

Industrial proof infrared cameras are the core of flexible automation

The advantages of non-contact measurement of temperature distributions with infrared cameras allow for an efficient monitoring and control of temperature critical processes resp. automated quality control in industry. Based on long-term experience and an intensive analysis of each individual measurement situation InfraTec offeres bespoke solutions. The technical realisation is based on a flexible toolbox filled with industrial proof and scalable components from infrared cameras of various performance classes, via protective housings up to pan-tilt heads.

Flexible data integration in process control

The digital data from the infrared camera to the process control can be transmitted using existing infrastructure or proprietary cabling, e.g. via fibre optics. Available will thereby be parameters like averages, minimal and maximal values and standard deviations of a complete image or subregions. Those values can be acquired for documentation only or they are directly handed over to process control where they can be compared with fixed threshold values in real time as basis for any alarming. Integrable in such a data analysis is also into the thermographic software IRBIS ® 3 asking for customer specific input for starting with the process control. Measurement values can also be transmitted in analogue or digital form from the infrared camera for controlling of process values. Image acquisition can be triggered by the process clock running synchronously with production or quality control.

InfraTec delivers competitive edges for customers

Besides using the existing toolbox for creating thermographic automation solution InfraTec continuously develops new solutions to even better meet customer demands. A large team of development and project engineers very well understands customer demands, is always technologically up to date and supports the customers by innovative thermographic solutions to gain competitive edges in the global market.



Infrared cameras for the application

Case study

Thermographic Automation for Temperature Measurement in Industrial Processes

Automated Infrared Thermography for Temperature Measurement in Industrial Processes

Quality assurance and process enhancement is essential to complex industrial processes. Leading businesses rely on certified quality management, to allow for matters of quality and environmental sustainability even during the early stages of manufacturing development. In co-operation with Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH, InfraTec GmbH developed an automated thermography solution to inspect the product quality of press hardening with an accuracy of 100 %.

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