Thermography in Automation with InfraTec

Thermography in automation

Control temperature distributions and temperature developments automatically -  InfraTec develops or widens your process control with infrared camera systems.

  • Stationary industrial solutions

    Stationary industrial solutions

    Gain competitive edge by bespoke and innovative automation solution with high quality and industrial proof infrared images and components.
  • Quality and Precision for Press Hardening – PRESS-CHECK


    Check the microstructures of sheet metal parts during the stamping process and establish a uniform high strength and quality of all produced stampings safely and with a contact-free method.
  • Automatic slag detection in steelmaking

    Automatic slag detection in steelmaking

    Take advantage of infrared technology for quality assurance and increase the process yield in the steel production in BOF and EAF processes.
  • Quality control with WELD-CHECK


    Using pulse thermography, WELD-CHECK enables you a quantitative assessment of the inspected welds. 
  • Early fire detection with infrared thermography

    Early fire detection

    Effectively secure your goods and appliances by integrating infrared thermography into an automated early fire detection solution.
  • PV-LIT test solution for solar cell

    PV-LIT test solution for solar cells

    Get advantages in costing and quality by non-contact thermographic testing of your solar cells and PV-modules.
  • Thermography site protection (IROD)

    Site surveillance (IROD)

    Monitor free space and buildings using automated infrared camera solutions against illeagal entries.
  • Brake test bench

    Brake test bench

    Check for long-life fatigue strength of mechanical components in load tests, using high-end infrared cameras.
  • Thermographic automation - Ladle monitoring

    Ladle monitoring

    Use automatic thermography to inspect the outer shell of ladles to prevent idle time and accidents.