High-speed thermography

Infrared camera systems allow thermographic precision at highest speeds

  • Snap-shot detectors and complementary components provide for highest measurement speed
  • High availability also with fastest data acquisition and handling large amounts of data
  • Thermal behaviour of fast turning objects can be analyzed

Details about high-speed thermography

Special components provide high frame rate of infrared cameras

Fast infared camera systems with a frame rate ranging up to some kHz open thermography doors to new applications. The thermal behaviour of high speed processes can be monitored and analyzed. An example is the optimization of airbags as their the heat distribution during the explosion can well be analysed.

High-speed thermography with frame rates of more than 10 kHz are based on special detectors and acquisition units. Especially their ability to acquire and read out data in parallel provides thermographic measurements precisely in a millisecond range. Those detectors are so-called snap-shot detectors which are integrated by InfraTec in their ImageIR ® infrared camera series.

Flexible software for fast acquisition and analysis of thermographic data

Detector and read-out unit of the infrared camera are one part to be well compatible. The second part is the communication of the infrared camera and the computer by which the infrared camera will be controlled and temperature data will be acquired. InfraTec provides flexible and highly available solutions which cater for the most different customer needs. The acquisition and analysis software IRBIS ® 3 is well made for handling high-speed thermography and the analysis of large amounts of data.

Besides its flexible standard solutions for high-speed thermography InfraTec also offers special solutions for the thermal analysis of fast turning objects. Using the software IRBIS ® rotate tests of brake disks or tires can be thermally analyzed.

Infrared cameras for high-speed thermography

Case studies

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Stress changes during tensile testing provide information about material properties of metals such as tensile strength. With the help of thermographic cameras metallic solid bodies can be tested for such stress changes.

High‐End‐Thermography with ImageIR ® 8300 hp




Temperature distribution during laser cutting of a CFRP component

Thermography in CFRP Processing

In 1960 when the first laser was announced there was no indication of how the field would develop and today there is almost no area of science and industry that remains untouched by lasers. New applications emerge almost daily demanding the development of even more sophisticated laser systems and one of the leading global research and development institutions for laser-based solutions and their implementation is Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH). Many of these new systems operate at very high laser intensity levels and consequently require close control of thermal processes. This is achieved by the use of infrared thermography which is both contact-less and provides imagery.

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